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Shoot child puzzled nodded, immediately rolled his eyes, quietly cautioned:"lingxi sister, brother, dust, animal husbandry, but have a favorite girl, oh" Then she quickly sneak a fear angered brook. Luckily, after a period of time before the devil training, animal husbandry, this dust is always have some resistance, so when this thirty spiritual matrix of the devil training three days after a series of failures, dust, animal husbandry, and finally in the fourth day, barely able to bear down, but that the price is momentary appearances exhausted directly fainted, and afterwards he still shoots children towed the young generation. This person, as if that snakes in general, silent, but it is able to be silent in between, to give people a fatal blow. But nine pagoda tower, regardless of whether it is. I have to say, this blood killing of combat experience is extremely rich, no wonder it can become too Ding Ling hospital among the top of most people. cheap sport jerseys from china Dean looked too pale dust, animal husbandry, back, eyes pondered is passing touch of color, I do not know what to think. cheap sport jerseys

This spirit array, it seems than before the tall double lotus spiritual matrix more powerful! Many heart somewhat strong vibration, dust, animal husbandry, eyes that stare at some changes, this guy turned out to be deliberately weakness previously, and unwittingly, the spirit of India into the air, to be too Diagrams already into time, just to be thoroughly motivated, directly to such a powerful spiritual matrix arrangement out. Feeling, it is wonderful that he wanted to capture, but it is not touch, but he could feel, he seemed to faint at the start of his dream of touching something. cheap sport jerseys wholesale Dust, animal husbandry, micro hi heart, stature immediately storm swept out toward that direction, a dozen interest rates, the pace is slowing him down, eyes micro coagulation look to the front, on the cliff where, with a cave, in that outside the cave, with a silhouette stands. "I chose to enter spirit Jinya" He also can feel bad that he always seems one step, and that step again no matter how he trained, are difficult to cross, and perhaps also really like lingxi said, he needs to stimulate the kind of life and death, between can really open mind. Three out of the bamboo into bamboo, then in the depths of a large open space that being stopped.

A glass slide to life stance. Animal husbandry and dust down inhaled air, but fortunately he has laurels Raytheon body, otherwise, and now he must have injured tendons, broken bones, far from being hurt this flesh can be compared. "Animal husbandry dust brother, half the time in the past, refueling ah" Distant, a little worried with bamboo shoots children reminder voice, she was clear brook temper, if dust, animal husbandry, really can not break the circle prescribed time, that it is really no use to say anything. Stature friends laugh loudly, is tearing up the air, under the flash is above the dust appeared in the animal husbandry.